39+ of my helpful YouTube videos

Here are the links to all of my free troubleshooting and repair videos hosted on YouTube. You can see them by clicking the links below or by copying the link and pasting into your browser.

These videos are as a courtesy to help you. Please watch any and all relevant to your situation. I have never monetized them but ads may pop up if YouTube chooses to do so.

Don’t email or call with any questions. Don’t post comments on YouTube or here, I won’t respond. I have made these videos to answer your questions.

Maintenance videos

Oiling the Shopsmith Mark V headstock

Tensioning the poly v or Gilmer belt


How things should look

Troubleshooting your on/off switch

Testing your electric cord for Shopsmith Mark V

Electrically testing your Shopsmith Mark V motor

Solving speed control problems stuck sheaves

Inspecting the drive belt for replacement

Inspecting your Shopsmith Mark V headstock Poly v or Gilmer belt for replacement

Removing the motor from the headstock

Headstock teardown Part 1

Headstock teardown Part 2

Headstock teardown Part 3

Headstock teardown Part 4

Control sheave inspection

Removing and reinstalling the quill

Inspecting quill bearings

Inspecting all types of bearings on a Mark V

Tips and motor troubleshooting


Headstock removal for repair

Removing the motor from the headstock

Headstock teardown Part 1

Headstock teardown Part 2

Headstock teardown Part 3

Headstock teardown Part 4

Removing and replacing the quill

The quill advance mechanism

The Headstock Lock mechanism

Speed control components

Setting the speed control

Idler shaft/fixed sheave disassembly/reassembly

Motor sheave components

Reconnecting the Motor to the headstock

And here are 8 other short “Pro Tips” YouTube repair videos I have published exclusively as bonuses for customers buying the related parts from me, now free.

Drive belt replacement

Poly v or Gilmer belt installation

Drive sleeve bearing installation

Replacing the bearing on a single bearing quill

Control sheave bearing

Replacing the toggle style on/off switch

Replacing bearings on a double bearing quill

Replacing the red safety style on/off switch

Here are my full length videos for Mark V headstock repairs

Headstock repair Part 1


Headstock repair Part 2

Here are the motor repair videos

For GE ¾ hp motors


For Franklin ¾ hp motors


For 1-⅛ hp Emerson, US motors, GE round back or AO SMITH round back motors, watch this video


For 1-⅛ hp GE box back, AO SMITH BOX BACK (both ¾ hp and 1-⅛ hp), and ¾ hp AO Smith box back motors watch this video


(Motors of 110 and 220 volt look the same and taking them apart are the same.)

Here is my full length video on tuneup and repair of the Shopsmith bandsaw