Want to rebuild yours yourself?

Do you have some skills and the essential tools, and want to save some money and do the rebuild yourself? Or do you just want to understand the inner workings of your machine better? Here is how:

First things, preparation.

1. Look up the serial number of your machine to determine it’s age (see page on model year serial numbers here on my website).

2. Then you can look at my page showing typical things needed by machines of the different ages. This will give you an idea of what you will probably need to do on your machine.

3. Then, look at my page showing the tools and items I use for repairs. Do you have these, or have friends with them? If so, read on.

4. Then tear down your machine following my headstock repair dvd’s, or my YouTube series on tearing down the headstock. This will let you know exactly what you need to order, and also show what type of motor it has, belts, quill, etc, so you can order the correct parts you need all at once.

5. Now you can order the parts you need. When you have received them, go to town rebuilding your machine with the help of my YouTube videos.