About Jacob

I am a Shopsmith aficionado who eventually specialized in Shopsmith Mark V headstock repairs and tune-ups.

I began as an avid woodworker who loved Shopsmith equipment. I first used my father’s 1962 “brownie”as a young teen. I always wanted my own but never got one until I inherited his after his death (2001). It required a lot of work and had missing items so my first repairs were to it. I became a first rate fan of the machines. I restored that old brownie and I began buying other used Shopsmith outfits to obtain parts and accessories. I would fix them up and sell them and repeated the process 64 times over a 4 year period. Doing this I got pretty good at fixing Shopsmith headstocks, bandsaws, jointers, jigsaws, etc. I repaired such tools for other locals in my area as well.

In June 2007, I first offered my repair service via ebay. In the first six months I repaired 65 headstocks. Each year the number of rebuilds increased. In 2010 I repaired 180 and overall I averaged 15 a month over 12 years. By the time I retired from the mechanical work, I had repaired over 1,800 units for the US Shopsmith community (March 2020).

I learned so much doing so many in a short period of time. This allowed me to be able to perfect my process and I videotaped it to teach the well equipped Shopsmith owner how to change their own bearings, etc. My repair videos sold over 3,000 copies and now they are available free on youtube.

Later I also filmed and released dozens of short, supplemental videos, also available free for viewing on youtube. I also published my own troubleshooting guide to help deduce what problems a machine may have. It is available free from my downloads page here on this website.


I enjoy carving and scrollsawing in my personal 20×24 workshop. I own and use a Shopsmith Mark V model 520 and a Shopsmith Mark V model 510. I have also owned and used the original Shopsmith machines, the 10e and 10er and the Sawsmith radial arm saw.

This website is a natural extension now. It is meant to supplement my ebay ads, my Facebook Fanpage and to offer extra info to my customers.


My workshop, 20×24

When I am not working, I am probably riding my bike or hiking. I love outdoor adventures like this.

2 thoughts on “About Jacob

  1. Just a note to thank you for your informative videos on YouTube. My 1984 shopsmith turned into a hummer in the middle of a project. Thanks to you I was able to track down the problem to fried pigtails at the windings in the GE motor, exactly as you said common problem with this motor. Runs great again, when I need parts will be contacting you…many THANKS!!


  2. Wanted to thank you for the quick turnaround time of your repair and also answering some questions of mine. You are
    a valuable resource.
    Thank You


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