155 headstocks rebuilt in 2015!

2015 was a good year for my little business. I rebuilt 155 headstocks despite taking off most of July, and half of December. Plus of course lots of component repairs, a few hundred video sales, publications and parts sent all over the country. And despite thinking I have seen it all, new things crop up from time to time to keep it all interesting.

I have now rebuilt 1,200 headstocks since I began specializing in them nearly 9 years ago.

I have uploaded 9 new videos to youtube this week since it was quiet. I now have a total of 22 public troubleshooting and repair videos, and 7 private repair videos for parts customers. See the YouTube page here for a list of all the videos.

Headstocks rebuilt in December :

Holmes, VA, 1985 machine
Carriles, LA, 1985 machine
Oliphant, MI, mid 1970’s machine

3 on hand, 3 more on the way. Get yours in before the winter’s repair rush.


This website was viewed from 87 different countries in 2015! Over 50,000 hits. My YouTube videos have also had more than 50,000 views total.