I am retired completely now, having closed my parts store.

I have been self employed for 20 years, servicing Shopsmith Mark V headstocks (over 1,800 repairs), selling parts and videos on ebay and thru my own web store (over 8,000 sales between them).

I thank you for your patronage.

This site hosts links to my videos, archival information, etc to help you troubleshoot, repair and maintain your Shopsmith Mark V.

Sept 13, 2021

Retired from repairing machines

I retired from repairing Shopsmith Mark V headstocks in March 2020.

My web store remains open for parts, manuals, paid videos, tools, etc. This web site has lots of free videos and info to help you troubleshoot, maintain and repair your machine yourself.

March 25, 2020

Headstocks rebuilt in 2020

Over 1,800 headstocks rebuilt now in 12 years of my specialty service.

36 Headstocks rebuilt so far in 2020

Frohreich, CO, 1999 machine

Locke, MT, 1982 machine

Akers, SC, 1998 machine

Garvin, NJ, 1978 machine

Sowell, TX, 1962 machine

Foster, TX, 1984 machine

Cutter, CA, 1954 machine

Pratt, LA, 1982 machine

Gove, MI, 1987 machine

Bernhardt, IL, 1993 machine

Smith, OR, 1978 machine

Sullivan, MO, 1984 machine

Sharp, TX, 1980 machine

Mitchell, MN, 1984 machine

Meyer, MA, 1989 machine

Dowell, MO, 1980 machine

Davis, AL, 1980 machine

Chasson, MD, 1961 machine

Stuart, FL, 1989 machine

Higgs, PA, 1982 machine

Hodge, PA, 1995 machine

Richardson, NC, 1993 machine

Gallagher, PA, 1980 machine

Pomplon, MD, 1954 machine

Dodge, MA, 1981 machine

Davis, NC, 1980 machine

Dekker, FL, 1981 machine

Hurling, LA, 1981 machine

Donaldson, CA, 1980 machine

Staton, VA, 1982 machine

Riddle headstock #2, SC, 1985 machine

Bates, MA, 1990 machine

Lightfoot, NM, 1985 machine

Bond, NM, 1992 machine

Kruk, CT, 1982 machine

Lott, TX, 1997 machine

Raugi, WA, 1982 machine

106 Headstocks rebuilt in 2019

106 headstocks rebuilt in 2019

Akiss, MD, 1962 machine

Grogan, FL, 1988 machine

Riddle, SC, 1989 machine

Tennant, AK, 1990 machine

Parker, AL, 1984 machine

Stackowicz, IN, 1984 machine

McKenna, WA, 1985 machine

Welch, UT, 1980 machine

Havens, NC, 1954 machine

Van Groningen, MI, 1980 machine

Bradley, GA, 1955 machine

Rudd, WY, 1970s machine

Helt, NC, 1980 machine

Alexander, AL, 1985 machine

Anderson, FL, 1985 machine

Powers, SC, 1985 machine

Baggett, GA, 1983 machine

Davieau, MD, 1986 machine

Thelin, TX, 1982 machine

Schimmel, MS, 1980 machine

Wolk, CT, 1956 machine

Dodge, MA, 2005 machine

Brown, KY, 1982 machine

Daniels, OH, 1981 machine

Serritella, CA, 2003 machine

Dick, TX, 1980 machine

Ancellotti, VA, 1986 machine

Dickerson, IN, 1979 machine

Cervi, VA, 1982 machine

Bequette, WI, 1983 machine

Rose, GA, 1979 machine

Estep, PA, 1954 machine

Gorum, AL, 1982 machine

Gosbee, ME, 1979 machine

Gatling, NC, 1980 machine

Geijer, GA, 1992 machine

Craft, VA, 1955 machine

Stanbaugh, PA, 1991 machine

Sweeney, NY, 1982 machine

Phillips, MI, 1984 machine

Gelbrich, OR, 1982 machine

Hall, WV, 1985 machine

McDonald, GA, 1982 machine

Pittenger, VA, 1982 machine

Larason, MD, 1954 machine

Disney, CA, 1986 machine

Fonville, TX, 1955 machine

Atteberry, CA, 1962 machine

Lampkin, VA, 1982 machine

Murray, VA, 1997 machine

Carpenter, TX, 1983 machine

McCracken, KS, 1979 machine

Troupe, FL, 1993 machine

Pronga, IA, 1983 machine

Smith, TN, 1984 machine

Koch, PA, 1979 machine

Kurko, PA, 1985 machine

Day, GA, 1982 machine

Plank, AL, 1985 machine

Kapuscinski, MI, 1955 machine

Smith, MI, 1982 machine

Bednarczyk, MA, 1982 machine

Conner, AZ, 1978 machine

Hanson, IL, 1990 machine

Weaver, CO, 1988 machine

Sanford, OK, 1985 machine

Braig, TX, 1982 machine

Swimeley, WY, 1980 machine

Katzenbach, NV, 1985 machine

Dudek, GA, 1983 machine

Jenkins, SC, 1979 machine

Marr, VA, 1990 machine

Sturgeon, ME, 1982 machine

Reese, MD, 1978 machine

Carricato, PA, 1983 machine

Rogers, MI, 1984 machine

Alcorn, VA, 1977 machine

Mahnke, SC, 1979 machine

Leuchtmann, CO, 1983 machine

Nelson, CO, 1981 machine

Hendricks, SC 1980 machine

Koone, TX, 1978 machine

Chapman, PA, 1983 machine

Nousaine, CA, 1956 machine

Hitchcock, WV, 1955 machine

Serinese, NJ, 1982 machine

VanBuskirk, TN, 1984 machine

Dugan, PA, 1956 machine

Condit, UT, 1955 machine

Perucci, GA, 1981 machine

Burpee, TX, 1956 machine

Avery #2, CT, 2007 machine

Galkiewicz, NY, 1986 machine

Zemcuznikov, MO, 1978 machine

Wales, CO, 1955 machine

Larson, SD, 1984 machine

Hamilton, PA, 1956 machine

Anderson, MA, 1981 machine

Cusack, MA, 1974 machine

Blake, NY, 1953 machine

Nicholson, WA, 1978 machine

Finley, MO, 1981 machine

Braid, WA, 1981 machine

Sperry, CA, 1989 machine

Rohrer, IL, 1961 machine

Avery, CT, 1981 machine

1,600 headstocks rebuilt now

I have been a specialist in Shopsmith Mark V headstock repairs for 10-1/2 years now. In April I passed the landmark of machine number 1,600 since I began specializing.

Here are some thank you emails from customers in April 2018:

Jacob –

I got my Shopsmith back last Thursday in great shape and got in installed. I have used it for a couple of small turning projects and it works and sounds great. I am very pleased with it. Thanks, Larry

Hey Jacob – Received the head and it shipped in perfect shape. Looks great but I have not installed it. Next week I will be painting the base and waxing the slides, then installing it. Thanks for all your help. Rob

Received my mark v back, and it works perfectly.

Thank you for making the experience of dismounting, packaging, shipping, and remounting stress free.
Not something I can say about Shopsmith, who have yet to answer my 3 emails.



Jacob: Thanks for the outstanding work you did on my Mark V. I enjoyed meeting and talking to you. Howard.

I received my 1959 Shopsmith headstock in January 2018 from Jacob. The Shopsmith was purchased by my father in 1959. I remember when he fired it up and how it sounded. Jacob has put a magic touch on my head stock. The headstock purrs like a kitten and I believe it runs better than when my dad first fired it up in 1959.

Jacob did an excellent job on my headstock. He kept me informed all along the way from initial delivery to receipt. I could not have stumbled upon a better person. Jacob took a worn out headstock and brought it back to life in better than new condition.

Thank you so much for the quality service and dedication you provided to me.


I recieved the parts a day before I expected them. Thank you for your quick service. I also really appreciate the how to videos.


Thank you for sharing your ShopSmith videos online. I would’ve been completely lost trying to restore the 70’s Mark V that I was fortunate to acquire for $100. I’ll use it as a lathe, but I just may expand its capabilities.

I was able to tear down the headstock step by step and determine exactly what I needed to free it from the rust that was acquired over 15 years of non-use. In addition to the belts and bearings, you emailed me the video links necessary to install the items. They were spot on.

I’ve attached a pic and a video. I believe you should get most of the credit for getting her running!

Thank you!


Got the head stock back late Tuesday got it all back together and it runs great. Thank you again for such a great job. If I ever need any repairs again you have the job

Good Evening Jacob,

The head stock arrived this morning and I have already put it back on
the way tubes and checked it out. Runs like a new machine and I am
very pleased. You are providing an excellent service to Shopsmith
owners. Thank you very much for you repairs to my machine.


My headstock arrived at noon. It is now mounted and runs like a new one. Thank you for the speedy and expert repair.

It was worth the price just to get the quill working correctly.

Thanks for the notification and quick turnaround on my headstock. I’m looking forward to using it again. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you. I will certainly be recommending you to friends who need your services.

Thanks again


Jacob, just wanted you to know that all is properly assembled and the SS
works great. I cut a large piece of plywood today and all was easy. I have a
SS jigsaw and that also worked as expected. Thanks so much for making my
1980 run perfect. You did an exceptional job and
I am very pleased. Good health in the coming year. Don

Hi Jacob

The headstock arrived today. Thanks so much for the quick service. Claire

10 years, 1,500 headstocks rebuilt

This month marks a milestone for me. I have been specializing in Shopsmith Mark V headstock repairs for 10 full years now. In that time, I have rebuilt over 1,500 machines in addition to doing component repairs, motor rebuilds, and parts sales for do it yourselfers. 

In these 10 years, I have published my troubleshooting guide, 3 repair dvds, 48 YouTube short repair related videos and this website. Two years ago I moved away from eBay sales and created my own parts store, now with over 80 items for sale.

Thank you to the thousands of customers over these years, some travelling to bring me their machines. It has been a pleasure to help you enjoy your woodworking more with a properly operating headstock. I have learned a ton and still see things I have never encountered so that keeps it interesting.

171 headstocks rebuilt in 2016

I accepted a very limited number of machines in December due first to the holidays and then later because of an accident that left me with a cracked pelvis.

4 Headstocks rebuilt in December 2016

Philipsen, MN, 1981 machine 

Hall, NY, 1982 machine 

Mayfield, TX, 1959 machine 

Waters, IN, 1982 machine 

2 left on hand to be rebuilt, 3 incoming going into the New Year.

Here are some recent thank you emails:

Jacob, Just wanted to get back to you and let you know your videos rock!! Due to them and your email advice I was able to replace my broken part, Control Sheave Assembly, and get my machine up and running smooth. Thank you sooo much! ~Todd


Hi Jacob, I received my headstock today and installed it back  on my machine. Thank you very much for your expertise in bringing this back to life. It was 63 years old when I sent it to you for repair!  Now that it is repaired, it should last at least another 63 years! Thank you again. Marvin


Jacob:  My Shopsmith arrived and is working well.  Thank you for your excellent and timely work! Stuart


Good Morning Jacob! The headstock arrived yesterday afternoon.  I reinstalled it on the frame and started it up – it runs great and, as I had hoped, the speed changer works better than ever.  I guess the original owner didn’t follow your instructions about not trying to change speeds unless running – it makes problems for the quadrant gear.  Thanks for the quick turn-around.  I haven’t had a chance to look at the DVD and trouble-shooting guide yet, but I’ll go through them before I have too many hours runtime. Eric

Here’s a really poor design for a centrifugal switch in an Emerson motor from a recent repair. Fortunately,  few Emersons had this style of switch. It was melted from heat.

1,300 headstocks rebuilt now!

In July I passed another milestone with over 1,300 headstocks I have rebuilt since I started specializing in these machines about 9 years ago.

A freshly repainted greenie from 1956.

A burned up internal start switch from a recent repair.

A brittle gilmer belt from a recent repair.

155 headstocks rebuilt in 2015!

2015 was a good year for my little business. I rebuilt 155 headstocks despite taking off most of July, and half of December. Plus of course lots of component repairs, a few hundred video sales, publications and parts sent all over the country. And despite thinking I have seen it all, new things crop up from time to time to keep it all interesting.

I have now rebuilt 1,200 headstocks since I began specializing in them nearly 9 years ago.

I have uploaded 9 new videos to youtube this week since it was quiet. I now have a total of 22 public troubleshooting and repair videos, and 7 private repair videos for parts customers. See the YouTube page here for a list of all the videos.

Headstocks rebuilt in December :

Holmes, VA, 1985 machine
Carriles, LA, 1985 machine
Oliphant, MI, mid 1970’s machine

3 on hand, 3 more on the way. Get yours in before the winter’s repair rush.


This website was viewed from 87 different countries in 2015! Over 50,000 hits. My YouTube videos have also had more than 50,000 views total.